Betty White Challenge

Betty White with Black Cat

Betty White was a life-long supporter of animals and her legacy created a world-wide movement to support rescue groups. She passed away just 17 days before her milestone 100th Birthday.

You may read her obituary here:

Thank you to ALL our supporters, and to all those who have donated to Friends of Ferals in honour of Betty White's 100th Birthday!

53 individual donors raised a total of $1,439 for Friends of Ferals rescue operations:

Alice Needham

Alicia O'Neil

Amanda Fitzpatrick

Amanda Hewey

Amber Potter

Amber Sarty

Annette Lowe

Beth Weathers

Betty Presseau

Brenda Teed

Brent Cassidy

Cassandra Moore

Cheri Howe

Cheryl Denton

Claire Goucher

Danita Hirtle-Sawler

Debbie Robinson

Deborah Moir

Diane Thibodeau

Dianne Miller

Donna Wade

Dorothy Flemming

Elizabeth Taylor

Fairway Insurance

Gabrielle Haider

Helen Teed

Ian Ferguson

John DeMings

Julie Pyne

Karen and Brendan Enright

Karen Hamilton

Kristy Bear

Kym Roy

Laurie Moir

Lawrence Goodwin

Linda Dunn

Linda Fraser

Lindsay Cochrane

Marie Wheelock

Mary Lou Murphy

Maureen Gautier

Michelle Lindsay

Nancy Hartnett

Pam Lunnon

Phyllis Thurber

Rachel Walker

Saskia Geerts

Sherri Mitchell

Susan Locas

Valerie Stackhouse

Walter (JJ) Scott

Wendy Fortune

Wilma McCarroll

This list is changing daily as more donations continue to arrive 🙂

“Thank you for being a friend”.

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