Friends of Ferals would like to express our sincere appreciation to all those who have supported our rescue operations in life, and after passing.

In Memoriam,

Eva Pearle Stanton (2023)

Geraldine Belinda Oswald (2024)

Bryan Edwin Turnbull (2024)

Harold Raymond Outhouse (2024)

Howard Burton Carpenter (2023)

Charles Alexander Ross (2023)

Shelley Cameron-Green (2023)

Andrew "Skip" Breau (2023)

Elizabeth Guier (2022)

Laura Verna Rudderham (Stone) (2019)

Chesterton "Chet" Denton (2022)

Terrance Dennis Riley (2022)

Rosemary Jane Gander (2021)

Llewellyn Halliday (2022)

Sherry Sooley (2022)

Darlene Puruczki (2022)

Sylvia Joan Lent (2021)

O'Neal George William Blackman (2019)

Claire Gaudet (2021)

Blake Louis Walker (2021)

Matthew Lorne Thurber (2021)

Jack Turnbull (2021)

Richard Wayne Wright (2021)

Lillian Yasi (2021)

Cathy Jane Prime (2021)

Muriel Levings (2020)

James Charles McDormand (2020)

Joan MacLean (Franklin) (2020)

Marilyn Isles (2020)

Keith Arnold Haight (2020)

Sharon Daley (2017)

June Frances Cosman (2019)

Jacque Tiegs (2019)

Daisy May Andrews (2019)

Iris Faye Rogers (2019)

Chriselda Myrtle Pyne (2018)

Marie Rosalie Vroom (2018)

Sandra Ann Cooke (2018)

Janina Sarian Wesenhagen (2013)

Valerie Louise Scholey (2008)

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Valerie Louise Scholey spent over 20 years teaching in Manitoba before retiring in Digby in 2001.

She volunteered at the Admiral Digby Museum, Digby General Hospital Ladies Auxiliary, the Royal Canadian Legion (Branch 20), and our rescue group - Society for the Friends of Ferals.

In the words of her dear friend Sheryl Watkins Stanton, "Val was very dedicated to saving feral cats. It was one of her passions." Photo compliments of Sheryl.

Her substantial bequest made it possible for Society for the Friends of Ferals to continue our rescue operations all these years.

Valerie Louise Scholey
Valerie Louise Scholey

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