Fred’s Grey Kitten

This is the adorable, totally helpless face of an eleven day old kitten. He and his five siblings were born to a young, first-time mother cat that appears to have been abandoned when her owners moved away.

Lucky for her, a neighbour fed and sheltered her, and eventually turned her over to one of our members a week before she had her kittens. So the litter was born in a safe, warm place, and the little mother is doing a wonderful job taking care of them. Friends of Ferals will make sure that she and all the kittens end up in great homes.

But how many others are out there, under sheds and overturned boats, trying to survive?  How does a homeless mother cat possibly feed herself, much less take care of a family of six babies? No doubt this little mother was herself a “free to good home” kitten, with no real value to the people who took her off someone’s hands. Somehow they felt okay leaving her behind, because there will always be another free kitten.

Please, spread the word. “Be kind. Spay and neuter your pets”.

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