The Cat Rescue Diary – November 2018

November 2018 was another busy month with 31 cats/kittens rescued; 17 are pictured below.

FOF rescued feral, lost and abandoned cats and kittens in Acaciaville, Barton, Bear River, Bear River Reserve, Belliveau Cove, Digby, Marshalltown, Smiths Cove and Tiverton.

Help control the feral cat population. Please spay or neuter your pet.



Three Kittens – Acaciaville

Three Kittens – Digby:

- “Blackie”

- “Boots”

- “Tabby”

“Buddy” – Digby

Kitten – Bear River

“Annabelle” – Marshalltown

Two Kittens – Barton

- “Marlene”

- “Rocco”

“Amos” – Marshalltown

“Andy” – Marshalltown

“Rosalie” – Bear River

Two Kittens – Belliveau Cove

“Aslan” – Smiths Cove (our heart breaks for Aslan, who did not survive due to complications from feline leukemia)