The Cat Rescue Diary – December 2018

December 2018 saw another 9 cats/kittens come into our care from Barton, Bear River and Digby; 7 are pictured below.

One was TNR - trapped, neutered and released - and the other 8 have all been adopted into forever homes! 5 cats (the mom cat and her 4 kittens) were all from one location where they were found dumped in a banana box on the side of the road. A concerned motorist alerted FOF and our volunteers scrambled with flashlights to find these lucky souls on a dark, Sunday night.

Help control the feral cat population. Please spay or neuter your pet.



“Snowflake” – Digby

“Casper”, now “Priscilla” – Barton, not shown

Feral cat – Digby, not shown

“Mu’in” – Bear River

Mama cat – Digby

Mama’s 4 kittens – Digby

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