Liz Gidney’s Christmas Fundraiser

Santa arrived early today!

Liz Gidney, a long-time supporter of Friends of Ferals, secretly arranged a month-long fundraiser for FOF in conjunction with her husband Shane and her brother-in-law Peter Fenton and his co-worker Heather Jollimore, who collected over 30 bags of food and enough money to purchase 18 of them!

Special thanks to Peter for Heather for all that you have done, and to especially to Liz Gidney for organizing this entire event to help feed our numerous feral colony cats and foster cats and kittens.

Friends of Ferals also wish to extend our sincere gratitude to the following individuals who also donated either food, kitty litter, cat dishes, a cat play station, or cash for the cost to purchase bags of food.

Altogether, they raised $1,000 in food and $100 in cash towards the cost of an incubator to keep newborn kittens warm! That's 60 bags of kibble, 150 cans of meat, and more!

Santa’s Helpers

  • Liz and Shane Gidney
  • Dave Rogers (Santa)
  • Peter Fenton
  • Heather Jollimore
  • Ian and Linda Hannaford
  • Valu Foods Cornwallis
  • Sylvia Grigat
  • Carol Hiscoe
  • Laura Perry, in memory of Carlin and Clara (Maine Coon siblings)
  • Alex Barnes
  • Tracey Dunn
  • Nancy McMillan
  • Pam Naas
  • Jaime White
  • Basinview Animal Hospital, Bedford NS
  • Melissa Gleghorn
  • Sheila Jollimore
  • Blair Jollimore
  • Mae del-Cruz
  • Celeste Baltista
  • Irene Babin
  • Paula Fraser
  • Wayne Jollimore
  • Chris Ederly
  • George Farmer
  • Bruce Jollimore
  • Lana Sachs
  • David Jakeman
  • Dan Munro

Thank you to all of you for your tremendous support!

Photo gallery of donations!
Photo gallery of donations!

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