The Cat Rescue Diary – November 2021

During the month of November 2021, Friends of Ferals rescued another 18 cats or kittens from Brighton, Digby, Jordantown, Little River, Marshalltown, and surrounding areas.

Below are pictures of 13 of these latest cats/kittens rescued by Friends of Ferals in November:

Help control the feral cat population. Please spay or neuter your pet.

2 thoughts on “The Cat Rescue Diary – November 2021”

  1. Hi …I was recently in the Pet Value store in Digby, and saw a young cat named Spitfire…the lady at the store said he had been sent back to the shelter, but may have found a new family…he is a young black and white male. if he is no longer available, i may be interested in adopting Betty Boop, who I understand is in foster care right now. More info on her would be appreciated, if possible. Thank-you…

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