The Cat Rescue Diary – June 2020

During the month of June 2020, Friends of Ferals rescued another 36 cats or kittens from Bear River, Bear River First Nation, Centreville, Conway, Digby, Marshalltown, Plympton, Rossway and Smiths Cove.

Below are pictures of 28 of these latest cats/kittens rescued by Friends of Ferals in June:

Help control the feral cat population. Please spay or neuter your pet.

3 thoughts on “The Cat Rescue Diary – June 2020”

  1. We are completely in love with our new babies (grey/silver and white tabby girl and orange boy from Digby). They are now named Artemis and Phoenix, and are settling in amazingly. Their new big brother and sister (Oort and Kuiper) are keen to meet them, but we’re still in the bed/blanket swapping stage. Thanks for doing what you do!

  2. My daughter Jennifer who lives in the Moncton area fostered and then adopted a small cat. It was quite an positive outcome. During that time I made catnip mice from sock yarn , sold them to my friends and sent the cheque to their feral society . Since you have an active society in Digby
    Would you want my remaining “mice” for a fundraiser? I think I have about 30.

    1. Oh my goodness, you bet we would – thank you so much! I’ll contact you by email 🙂

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