SPCA Nova Scotia Mobile Unit

Many thanks to SPCA Nova Scotia for bringing their mobile unit to the Bear River First Nations reserve and helping us with a MULTITUDE of unaltered cats in Bear River, and to Friends of Ferals volunteer Cathy White for making it all happen!  SEVENTEEN cats were spayed or neutered thanks to Cathy and the SPCA! These cats were enlisted in our TNR (trap-neuter-return) program to control the feral cat overpopulation.

Here’s Cathy in front of the SPCA NS mobile unit:

Look at all these cats who will NO LONGER REPRODUCE! Cathy is an expert trapper/rescuer/foster mom:

Big, beautiful Oscar is now being fostered by volunteer Kaylaa Haley of Friends of Ferals:


Little Tasha is too young to be fixed so she is now in foster care with volunteer Linda Titus of Friends of Ferals:

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  1. You’re very welcome, Pat – it’s what we do all year round! Kitten season is the most plentiful in Spring and Fall but we’ve had many kitten rescues right into summer this year.

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