Pet Valu, Digby – Paws Event

Thank you so much Jennie Lynn Addington and all the staff at Pet Valu, Digby for an amazing, month long fundraiser held for Friends of Ferals.

Pet Valu exceeded their own goal of $2,700 and raised $3,300 for our rescue group! They also donated a shopping cart full of cat food, kitty litter, and some catnip to make toys.

We are honoured to have been chosen for this annual Paws Event for two consecutive years.

3 thoughts on “Pet Valu, Digby – Paws Event”

  1. We can’t begin to express our appreciation for this generous donation and show of support for our efforts to reduce the overpopulation and consequent needless suffering of cats. The funds, food and supplies will be a huge help! Sincere thanks.

    Chris Callaghan
    Chair, Society for the Friends of Ferals

  2. To all who help the cats:
    Even tho’ I live in Halifax, I am always interested in helping cats and kittens. I have been trying to adopt a cat or kittens
    since my cat passed away the end of June. We were very attached to each other.
    I live in a bungalow by myself on a quiet street.The house has a 24 foot sunroom which cats would like.I don’t drink or smoke and the cats would be well looked after.

    Thanks for all your great efforts. Madeline Patton

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