Barn Cat Sanctuary in Bear River

Cats that are deemed too feral for domestic life are treated, spayed or neutered, then either returned to a managed colony or rehomed as barn cats where they are fed and sheltered. Friends of Ferals is very grateful to the numerous individuals that have stepped forward to adopt barn cats.

In 2019, 34 of the 307 cats/kittens FOF rescued were rehomed as barn cats in Bear River, Clementsvale, Digby, Barton, Greenland, Upper Granville, Belleisle, White Rock, Brighton and several other locations throughout Nova Scotia.

Below are pictures of one such barn located in Bear River. Their caregiver has adopted several cats from FOF and between her and her handy next-door neighbour, created an indoor haven complete with shelters and activity centres to keep them amused. Thank you Angela and her neighbour!

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Benny, Felix and Oscar
Angela, Diana and Susan
Upstairs Loft
Downstairs Window
Down in the Barn
Barn Activity Centre
Another shelter to window access
Activity Centre
Catio #1
Catio #2
Catio #3

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  1. You are amazing people, angels on earth…Thank you for all that you do the the fur babies.

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