5-Week Birthday Party

It's a 5-Week Birthday Party for Blue's Kittens!

On March 18, 2020 Blue was rescued from Bear River, pregnant.

Two weeks later (April 2, 2020) Blue gave birth to 4 kittens: Laila, Sugar Ray, Snickers and Rocky. Blue and all her kittens remain in foster care with Friends of Ferals until they are ready for adoption.

Blue also became a foster mom to a kitten who's mother passed away! Her name is Charlotte and she's also pictured below with the whole crew.

Charlotte is the sole survivor of that litter. She was rescued from Weymouth along with her 2 siblings Emily and Orphan Annie. Unfortunately, Emily and Orphan Annie did not survive the trauma.

Here they all are today, celebrating their special day.

Blue with 1 of her newborn kittens
Blue with 1 of her newborn kittens

4 thoughts on “5-Week Birthday Party”

    1. We can’t wait for you to adopt Snickers! 🙂 The weeks will go by quickly!

  1. Weeks seem like days, or even hrs these times. Hopefully they’ll all find a home, I know they will ♥️😷👍

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